Ginger Chew Candy, 8 Ounce

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Ginger is considered nature's cure for a number of ailments.
Made from real ginger, Pocas ginger chew offers a delectable sweetness to increase the consumption of ginger in your daily diet. enjoy our all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free ginger chew with natural flavors sourced from the real fruit.  

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Tammy Breland
Ginger Chews

I purchased Ginger Chews 8oz from this company twice. It was priced $9.79 for a 2 pack. I ordered 3 of the 2 pack, which meant I was supposed to receive 6 and I only received 3. I called and explained what happened and it was sent straight away. The second time I purchased the same thing happened, I called again and told them this was the second time this happened. Of course, he apologized again and then explained that it was not a 2 pack purchase for the 8oz Ginger Chews someone had made a mistake. That is was one 8oz bag for $9.79. He said he would correct my order but I am still waiting on the correct Ginger Chews I ordered. I should not have to pay for someone else's mistake.

Sandra Ramos
Awesome ginger chew candy

I purchased two bags of ginger chew candy (delicious candy and they help whenever I have stomach issues) and I only received one bag. I contacted the company and told the customer representative and she immediately resolved the matter and sent me the second bag. I will definitely recommend Pocas to my family and friends.

Nancy Curlin
My order

It was a 2pack I order 2 only received 1 order it should have been 4 .need someone to call me.

Anthony Sims
Good stuff

Very fresh nice and soft.

My favorite snack

These are incredibly addicting and are my go to when my stomach hurts. So good.

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